A lot of you asked a ton of amazing questions! Here are my answers to those questions about the Vervet Monkey Foundation, The Vervet Forest, myself, the adult Vervet monkeys and the orphan baby Vervets.


The Vervet Forest Release Site will be a several hundred acre wildlife reserve. The Vervet

Monkey Foundation will always remain as a sanctuary and rehabilitation center for Vervet

Monkeys, but the population at the VMF is ever increasing and the monkeys need a place to go.

Our dream is to purchase land in South Africa, preferably close to the foundation, that can be

filled with indigenous forest and will act as a release site for the rehabilitated troops at

the Vervet Monkey Foundation, as well as a sanctuary for birds, bucks, insects, and much more.

Land in South Africa is becoming ever more difficult to come by and land full of indigenous

bush is an even greater rarity. It is our goal with the help of those organizations featured in

the Vervet forest documentary to rebuild such a landscape. One which is lush and fertile, full

of indigenous flora and fauna, which can provide natural food and nourishment for the

animals that inhabit the land.

The Vervet Forest will also feature an education and wellness center where people from

around  the world can stay within sustainable housing in a natural environment. Where they

can learn about methods to a more sustainable lifestyle abroad and at home. A place where they

can put into practice healthy living and minimalist consumption, and at the same time learn all

about the value and variety of wildlife that surrounds them.

The Vervet Forest will also provide countless jobs for local individuals, as well as education

regarding human wildlife conflict. The forest will encourage locals from all walks of life to

come visit and learn about the beauty and power of their own natural heritage and what they

can be rewarded by becoming stewards of their own land which is fleeting quickly in our

modern climate.

We need to raise one million dollars to make this happen. We are looking for long time

partners interested in bringing this dream to reality and giving back to the earth that has

provided us with everything we have ever known and loved.

If you would like to contribute or find out more about how you can help our dream become a

reality, please email...


Thank you,

Kyle SalazaR, Dave Du Toit, JOSIE DU TOIT